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Custom Processing

Going behind the traditional, Miltona Meats not only provides custom meat processing for Beef and Pork, but also for Elk, Buffalo and Lamb. We operate an updated, clean meat processing facility equipped with well-maintained frozen storage features capable of meeting even our highest demand seasons. We take great pride in processing and producing meat products that are of the highest cut and taste quality as well as completing processing jobs in a timely fashion. As the service title indicates, Miltona Meats offers Custom Meat Processing - you pick the package weight, preferred cuts, etc. Our custom processing includes cutting, wrapping and freezing.


Wild Game Processing

We hope your hunting trip has been successful! We strive to make the trip to your table just as enjoyable with our homemade venison sausages. At Miltona Meats we're not just your go-to locker to fill your freezer with domestic meats, we also provide exceptional wild game processing.


  • Deer Processing
  • Antelope Processing
  • Moose Processing
  • Elk Processing
  • Bear Processing


We have limited space; so all orders need to be picked up within one week of notification. A weekly fee will be charged if other arrangements are not made.


2018 Special Hours (meant for dropping off deer carcass only)

Nov. 3: 8am – 7pm
Nov. 4: Noon – 7pm
Nov. 10: 8am – 6pm
Nov. 11: Noon – 6pm


Wild Game Processing Information

  • Price includes skinning, cutting and wrapping. We will charge extra for animals without a hide.
  • Cuts available are: steaks, roasts and chops.
  • Sausages or grinding for hamburger is charged separately
  • Any head needed for mounting should be picked up promptly. An extra fee will be charged due to the extra time required and loss of hide.


Wild Game Sausage List

  • Hamburger
  • Hot Dogs*
  • Ring Bologna*
  • Polish Links*
  • Country Style Links*
  • Smoked Bratwurst*
  • Cheddarwurst*
  • Pizza Brats*
  • Philly Brats*
  • Jalapeno/Cheese Brats*
  • Onion Brats*
  • Wild Rice Brats*
  • Hawaiian Brats*
  • Blueberry Maple Brats*
  • Venison Bacon*
  • Summer Sausage*
  • Breakfast Sausage*
  • Pepperoni Stix*
  • Teriyaki Stix*
  • Beer Stix*
  • Honey BBQ Stix*
  • Beer/Cheese Stix*
  • Jalapeno/Cheese Stix*
  • Buffalo Wing Bleu Cheese Stix*


Seasoned Pressed Jerky

Dried Venison (sliced & put in approx ½ lb packages)
Venison Strip Jerky (made from whole rounds only)
* Indicates meat products that include pork



  • Jerky will be ready with sausages
  • Hamburger and bulk fry sausage is wrapped.
  • All other sausages are boxed in bulk unless specified otherwise.
  • We offer vacuum sealing of sausages for a additional per pound fee.


Whole Carcass

All wild game must be tagged and registered. We reserve the right to refuse any deer that is not properly taken care of. All whole carcass deer are preferred with hides on them. Dirty carcasses will have an additional clean-up charge. We charge more for any deer without a hide.



Trimmings must be clean, free of hair and blood clots, and must have tag numbers. We reserve the right to dispose of any game that is spoiled when it arrives. Owners will be notified first.


Fresh Cuts

Fresh Cuts will be ready for pick up within 3-5 days after the carcass is brought in. You will not be called on your fresh cuts, come in on the day your ticket has written on it. We cut each deer one at a time! Your cuts will come back to you.



We start making sausage after Thanksgiving, using a first come first served basis. Numerical tickets are used. When your number comes up, we make the sausage. PLEASE WAIT FOR OUR PHONE CALL FOR FINISHED SAUSAGE. We will call you when your order is ready. Home and work numbers should be given to us.


Pork is added to all sausages. We charge you for finished weight of product on sausage. Jerky, snack sticks and dried are charged by raw weight.